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Who wins in The Game:lessons from Melanie Barnett

Alright we are back with part two of this series. A little flash back, Netflix has brought back alot of the old shows, Sister Sister, Girlfriends, The Game etc. I’m happy to say that I have so far found no topic of discussion in One on One.

This week however I’m talking about a show that used to be one of my literal favorites The Game. This show came out when I was in college and we used to have viewing parties and everything. It’s crazy how five years can change how you look at something. 

For those of you who haven’t seen the show it originally follows a rookie football player Derwin Davis and his girlfriend Melanie Barnett through their relationship ups and downs while including some of the friends they make (Kelly and Jason Pitts, Tasha and Malik Mack) . There are so many other characters and so many twists and turns so if you haven’t seen it and you like shows with a ton of drama I recommend it.

Now I said this used to be one of my favorites, however I was only about 4 episodes in when Melanie aka met school (who was my favorite character) revealed in fact that she was super problematic. Now this post is strictly about the lessons we can learn from Melanie because to do everyone would be a super long post that let’s be honest I’m not even sure I would read.

Lesson 1: Don’t give up your dreams for anyone 

Ok so as you can probably tell by the nickname, Melanie was in medical school. The issue arrived when we learned that she had gotten into her dream school but declined to move across the country with Derwin. And boy does she remind him of it every chance she gets. Here’s the thing *spoiler alert* they break up and now what? She is left at a school she isn’t a fan of. Let’s be clear, I'm all for following your heart but your dreams are just as important as your partners. 

Lesson 2: Your perspective determines your priorities 

In the infamous scene (after they are broken up) where Melanie has to ask her parents for the money for school (oh yeah they cut her off for dating Derwin) she gets upset because he is now planning for his unborn child. Melanie thinks that he is giving the money to his baby momma. Here we have two people discussing the same idea but it’s being verbalized in different ways. That’s the thing about perspective. Until you are open to changing it and learning someone else’s it’s hard to understand them. So because Melanie had her own perspective she couldn’t understand why Derwin had different priorities. 

Lesson 3:  Your real friends will have your back

Y’all should know at this point there will always be a lesson about friends lol. But in the beginning of this show and throughout Melanie will tell Tasha and Kelly that she doesn’t need them she is in medical school. But every time she needs them Tasha and Kelly are there to bail her out. That’s what real friends do. Be advised they also address her saying she doesn’t need them so it’s not a “you can talk to me any kind of way and I’ll still be there” situation. The love is reciprocal as it should be.

Lesson 4:  Be humble enough to admit when wrong

I know I’m jumping around in the show but this one just came to me and it’s a big one. So Derwin had this image consultant named Dione and Melanie could not stand her. Fast forward to Derwin and Melanie breaking up, guess where she goes to stay with Dione. They say it takes a big person to admit when they are wrong and it shouldn’t. If you start practicing now then when you’re( she is) really grown then you will make life much simpler and pleasant I can almost guarantee it.

I think this week we can all agree that there are some valuable lessons to be learned from Melanie and honestly there is a lot of the show I didn’t even touch considering it died and then was brought back by the CW( those episodes were trash idc idc). Even though a lot of the things the women in this show go through specifically Melanie opens the floor up for so many different conversations for you and your girls (or you and your mom). 

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